'Àmame' Is The Romantic Short Film That Perfectly Captures The Feeling Of New Love

We could watch this all day.

"Àmame" is a new short film by Dulcinea Studios that will sweep you off your feet.


Featuring an incredible track by Barcelona's A Cámara Lenta, the infectiously joyous film is at once a music video, and a celebration of what it feels like to fall in love.

The film's title appropriately translates to "love me."

And it's absolutely delicious. Even the video's description drips with romantic intoxication: "Volví a fijar la mirada en ella, sin dudar, como si me obligaran a hacerlo," translates to...

"I went back to stare at her, without hesitation, as if I was forced to do so."

"Dondequiera que fuera ella me seguía. Ella siempre estaba conmigo...."

"Wherever she went she followed me. She was always with me."

It's amazing how a simple video, without any dialogue, can evoke so much.

Watch "Àmame" here:

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