One Man Is Going To Battle With America's Most Feared Disease

The revolution is happening.

When Max Lugavere noticed his mom's cognitive ability starting to erode at 59 years old, he became obsessed with the idea that an external influence had made her ill. 

That obsession sparked a journey that Lugavere took to figure out how our diet influences our mental health.

"The most provocative thing behind this initiative is that I'm trying to bring the idea of preventing dementia into the spotlight," Lugavere told A+. "I really want to get young people to key to this idea that this is not Russian roulette, we have a say."

Lugavere might just be on to something. With diagnoses of Alzheimer's predicted to triple by 2050, medical journal The Lancet Neurology reported that "around a third of Alzheimer's diseases cases worldwide might be attributable to potentially modifiable risk factors." 

Which is why Lugavere's work has been featured on NBC's "Nightly News," among other places. 

"We have to be vigilant and mindful of the things that we consume," Lugavere added. "And I don't mean mindful in the psychological sense as much as I mean it in the sense that we need to be aware of everything that we're consuming."

To help save the next generation from this devastating disease, Lugavere has embarked on a journey to create a documentary that will change the conversation and the lives of millions of people. Check out a preview in the video above, and be sure to go to Lugavere's Kickstarter page to keep track of this amazing campaign.

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