With Two Words, Alyssa Milano Shows Women They’re Not Alone In Facing Sexual Assault And Harassment

It's taking social media by storm.

Twitter is a space where we share thoughts and ideas about TV shows, movies, and other pop culture moments — but sometimes it can be used for more important things. Such is the case with "Me Too," a social media campaign Alyssa Milano started yesterday (October 15) after a friend suggested it might help other women know they weren't alone in regard to having faced sexual assault or harassment. Well, it did.


Milano's post — which has garnered about 39,000 responses, 14,000 retweets, and 29,000 likes as of this article's publication — shares the pal's idea that if all women who have been victims of sexual harassment or assault wrote "Me too" as a status (or as a hashtag like #MeToo, as many did) that it might give people "a sense of the magnitude of the problem." The actress shared the post on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter — and it didn't take long for it to begin gaining steam.

Fellow female celebrities such as Debra Messing, Anna Paquin, and others responded.

There were also responses from male celebrities who offered different takes. These ranged from also being victims of these situations, telling men they need to better for women, and those expressing pride for knowing people using their voice to raise awareness.

This was the same weekend as the #WomenBoycottTwitter protest — begun by Milano's former Charmed co-star Rose McGowan — took over the internet. This was meant to make a point about the women who are silenced after coming forward with stories about sexual violence — but the #MeToo campaign gave them back their voices and showed them they aren't alone.

In the wake of sexual assault and harassment scandals that have rocked Hollywood to its core, this was a moment for everyday people to also come forward with their own personal stories. Explore here and here for those — as we don't want to publish anyone's stories because they are their stories to tell. You will also find other celebrities speaking out, too.

Cover image via @milano_alyssa / Instagram


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