Alyssa Milano Shares The Emotional Video She Made For Her Daughter About #MeToo

"I will fight so you don't have to."

One year after she brought the #MeToo movement into the spotlight, actress Alyssa Milano shared an emotional video she recorded for her daughter Elizabella, explaining why she chose to speak out about sexual harassment and assault. 

Milano recorded the video on set in Atlanta on January 18, 2018. "I never expected to release it publicly," she wrote on Twitter. "Now, I feel it's too important not to share." She added a message to her daughter, now 4, in the tweet, writing, "I love you so. I will fight so you don't have to."


"I don't expect you to understand this obviously right now, because you're a baby," Milano says in the video after mentioning both #MeToo and Time's Up. "But when you get older and you watch this video, I wanted you to know that one night, when I was lying in bed with you, I looked down at you and your sweet, beautiful face, and I got really scared. I got scared for you."

Milano goes on to describe the tweet she sent out a year ago asking women to say "me too" if they have ever been sexually harassed or assaulted. (The Me Too movement was started by activist Tarana Burke in the mid-2000s.)

"I wanted to make this video for you, because in a way all of this is because of you. Because you gave Mama the strength," Milano continued tearfully in the video, adding, "I want you to grow up from a strong little girl into a strong woman that really knows her worth, and that is valued for her brain and her beautiful, big heart, and her sweet, sweet soul, and her talents, and not for her body."

She added that she and other women are working "to make sure that silence is not the norm for your generation." In addition to speaking out on social media, Milano recently attended Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh's hearing on sexual assault allegations against him. People also reports that she and other survivors protested his confirmation outside Sen. Susan Collins' office. Milano shared her story of being assaulted at a concert when she was 19.

This isn't the first time Milano has publicly shared a message for her daughter. Earlier this year, she published a letter addressed to Elizabella about #MeToo. "There's no parenting handbook that explains exactly how to do this, but I'll do my best," she wrote at the time.

"My biggest hope for you is that you never have to say 'me too,' " Milano told her daughter in the newly shared video. "But if you do, God forbid, if you do have to ever say 'me too,' I want you to know that you will be heard, and that you should speak your truth, and that Mama's always here for you, to listen and to hold you." She ended with a promise to "keep fighting."


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