In A Tender Post, This Mom Explains How And Why Parents Will Always Be 'Band-Aids' To Their Kids

"We are their Band-Aid; always and forever."

Parents are a lot of things: they're usually the caregivers, the providers, the disciplinarians, the role models, and the protectors from bad dreams, to name just a few of their roles. While most of them are pretty obvious, there are some that we sometimes forget about. Mom and blogger Alyce Kominetsky is highlighting one of these overlooked roles in a recent Instagram post where she compares parents to their kids' Band-Aids.


Kominetsky, who has a 6-year-old daughter, begins the post by explaining how she has recently been thinking about that feeling of ripping off a Band-Aid and how similar it actually is to parenting. She addresses the contradiction of how parents celebrate each milestone while recognizing their kids are becoming their own person. She says, "As our children grow, we watch them become more independent. We celebrate each and every milestone. We watch as the people we created become thriving and incredible human beings. But, with each milestone they reach ... a little piece of us gets torn away." 

She continues, "What's left behind is a piece of us that is forever changed. Parenting with our heart is like ripping off a Band-Aid."

Kominetsky elaborates how the tugs on heartstrings and the pull of emotions are just like ripping off a Band-Aid from a wound.

And just like the Band-Aid on a cut, parents know that things can't stay the same forever. There comes a time when kids and Band-Aids have to be let go, regardless of how difficult it is.

"Because, we are the ones who kissed their banged knees and scraped elbows. We are the ones who celebrate alongside every cherished moment. We are the ones who cry with them when hearts are broken," she writes. "We are the ones who do our best to heal their aching wounds. We are the ones who encourage and teach."

She concludes, "We are their Band-Aid; always and forever."

(H/T: Popsugar)


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