Aly Raisman And Aerie Encourage People To 'Love The Swim You're In' This Summer

Because every body is a beach body.

We are just days away from the official start of summer, which also marks the start of swimsuit season. For many, the idea of shedding layers and wearing a bathing suit makes them feel self-conscious and uncomfortable, especially with advertisements about "getting beach body ready" and the many images we see showing filtered, edited "perfect" bodies that invite comparison. 


To counter such unrealistic beauty ideals, many are taking part in body positive movements to encourage people to love their unique selves and hit the beach with confidence.

Aerie is one brand that has promoted self-love with its unedited photo lingerie and swimsuit campaigns. As a member of the Aerie family, Olympic gymnast Aly Raisman recently posted an unretouched photo on Instagram spreading a message of self-love and body positivity. 

"Love the swim you're in! On set with my @Aerie family ❤️. Good vibes. A reminder to be kind to yourself— No one has the perfect body and our imperfections make us unique. I have found meditation to be a helpful reminder to take time for myself and appreciate my body, how do you take time for yourself? For every unretouched swim photo you share with #AerieREAL, @Aerie will donate $1 (up to $25K) to @NEDA, a non-profit that supports those affected by eating disorders. #AeriePartner #NoRetouchingNeeded 💕 #BeKindToYourself #YouAreBeautiful"

Previously, Raisman starred in a "real beauty" Aerie lingerie campaign in January 2018 and posed with her mom and sister for the brand's 2018 swimsuit campaign. All of the images were unedited to let their natural beauty shine through.

With Raisman's Instagram post, she and Aerie are helping to spread a body positive message while benefiting a good cause. For every unretouched swimsuit photo posted, Aerie will donate $1, up to $25,000, to the National Eating Disorder Association (NEDA), which is the "largest nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting individuals and families." 

Fans are showing their appreciation for the "love the swim you're in" message behind the post. One Instagram commenter wrote, "You @alyraisman are one of the most authentic, sincere an inspiring people in this world!!! Keep being you!!! Thank you for all you do."


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