Watch Girls Prove, Once Again, That They Aren't Defined By The Limitations Set For Them


Men and women and girls and boys may appear to be equal, but stereotypes and unfair assumptions about gender hold everyone back — especially girls. They're told they aren't as strong as boys, they can't play as rough as boys, they're given princess dolls over science and math toys, and from the time they're little even until adulthood, they're told girls are too emotional (even though guys can be, too).

Feminine product company Always stepped up to the plate last year to help eliminate gender inequality with its viral #LikeAGirl ad — which had a spot during last year's Super Bowl. Citing that girls' confidence plummets during puberty, it decided to redefine what it mean to play like a girl. Now, it's back with a new ad that destroys the gender biases people place on little girls and women.

In a survey conducted by the brand in 2015, 72 of the girls polled say they feel like society limits them. Always then created a video to bring those responses to life. In it, they asked girls the question: "Do we limit girls?" Their answers were heartbreaking.


'It's always like the boys who rescue the girls in stories.'

'I quit trumpet, I quit wrestling, I quit basketball.'

Always then asked the girls to write the limitations they feel people put on girls on boxes.

Then, they had them destroy those boxes, just #likeagirl.

While destroying boxes feels good and sends a powerful message, the limits these girls wrote down are very real. And it's a real problem. 

Women outnumber men in school, but are less likely to make as much as their male counterparts doing the same job. They're not encouraged to go into STEM fields and when they get there, they're largely outnumbered by men. And when they do break in, the gender limitations (like shame for taking a maternity leave and not fitting in a bro culture among others) are so prominent, they're pushed out.

Not only that, but mainstream media tells us that women have to look perfect and perfect is thin. And girls as young as 10 are worried about it.

Recognizing these girls' limitations (or boxes) is the first step. But they need the rest of us to help seriously destroy them, for real, like a girl.

Because they deserve to be told they're unstoppable from the start.

Check out the full ad below:


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