3 Manicure Hacks For Those Who Just Don't Have Time For Nonsense

Adios chipped nails!

We all love a good piece of nail art — from galaxy nails to cheeky junk food nails and incredibly impressive cityscapes, the nail is the perfect canvas for creative expression. 

But, alas, life moves quickly, and most manicures require both effort and patience — unless you know a few good hacks.

Luckily, Allure magazine's offering up three super-simple nail hacks for even the laziest (and most impatient) of people, which includes ways to fix chipped polish and avoid painting on your cuticles.

So whether you have all the time in the world or you need a quick fix, check out these helpful hacks below:


Line cuticles with glue before painting your nails to avoid any mess. Dry, peel, and go!

Use glitter polish to avoid and cover chipped nails.

Start with a white basecoat to make color — especially neon — pop.

Voilà! Check out the full video below:


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