Allure's Latest Issue Celebrates 'The Beauty of Diversity,' And These 3 Supermodels Explain Why It's So Important

"I'm comfortable in my skin and I want you to see that right now."


This April, international supermodels Dilone, Aamito Lagum, and Imaan Hammam will appear on the cover of Allure magazine. For this particular month, the publication celebrates "The Beauty of Diversity," in which "41 women of color get real about beauty and diversity."

The publication explains: "Allure asked 41 women of color to tell us the story of their lives through their skin — and skin tone. Because our skin can be both a vulnerability and a defense. But most importantly, it can be a source of celebration."

And on Tuesday, the magazine released a video to its YouTube channel featuring an interview with the cover models as they speak to the current state of the fashion industry and the need for inclusivity. 

"I think everybody's beautiful and they deserve a chance to be represented in the fashion industry," one of the women begins at the start of the video.

As the video continues, the models call for more representation of women from all around the world, more inclusion and tolerance, acceptance, and diversity in the industry. 

"I'm comfortable in my skin and I want you to see that right now."

Finally, in a post featuring the latest cover, Lagum writes: "So in love with these shades of awesome."

In the past, we've covered various fashion influencers who've made strides towards such issues within the fashion industry. For example, in 2016, models Charli Howard and Clémentine Desseaux's "All Woman Project" showed everyone that all women are beautiful. And at New York Fashion Week this year, designer Anniesa Hasibuan cast immigrant models for her show, telling Elle we shouldn't be afraid of our differences. These examples, and Allure's latest issue, are all steps in the right direction — but there's still work to be done.

You can hear more from Dilone, Lagum, and Hammam in the video above.


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