Learn How To DIY Galaxy Nails In 90 Seconds, And Show People Even Nails Can Be Works Of Art

Far out!

While we love getting a good manicure from time to time, we think it's even better to use nail art as a form of self-expression, DIY-ing our favorite trends all on our own. 

Which is why we were particularly intrigued by Allure's latest video, featuring a unique, "modern-day galaxy" manicure that we can easily recreate at home.

In the video, manicurist Tracylee Percival begins with shaping the nail and applying a base coat. Then, she taps complimentary polishes, starting with light blue, onto the nail with a makeup sponge. 


Percival uses other colors, such as orange and purple, to obtain the full galaxy-like affect, adding spots for stars.

And perhaps the coolest part comes when she removes part of the design to create negative space and an ultra-modern look. 

Oh, and don't forget the sparkles, of course. 

With these nails, you've got the whole galaxy at your fingertips — so wear them as a conversation piece and strike up a chat with someone new. You'll never know who you may meet out there! 

To watch the full tutorial in just 90 seconds, click below:

And for more galaxy-nail inspiration, check out the photos below:


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