After Being Bullied, This Woman With Vitiligo Embraced Her Own Beauty And Strong Sense Of Self

"The place that I am in my life now wouldn't be possible if not for the things that I had to experience because of vitiligo."

It can take years for many people to realize that beauty doesn't have to be so narrowly defined — and to finally see themselves as beautiful. But let this woman inspire you to embrace the things that make you different. 

In a video for beauty magazine Allure, poet Jesi V. Taylor shared how vitiligo has impacted her life and the bullying she has experienced because of it.

Vitiligo is a disease that causes patches of skin to lose its color. While there are some treatments, there's currently no cure. Taylor began to develop the condition when she was 15 years old.  "Every day I wake up and there's a new white patch somewhere on me," she said in the video.

As a teenager, she experienced harsh judgements and bullying as a result of her condition. "It was just terrible. I was really depressed for a really long time. My eating disorder worsened. I was just really insecure. Overly self-conscious," Taylor said. 

To deal with the bullying, she started to cover up by wearing gloves, tights, and scarves during every season. For years, she couldn't leave her bedroom without putting on a full face of makeup. One of the most troubling aspects of Taylor's story are the inappropriate questions strangers ask her, which showed a complete disregard for her feelings. 

After years of trying to hide her condition, Taylor decided to embrace her differences. She stopped wearing makeup and covering up. Now, she's able to distance herself from the negative comments other people may make about her. "I know that it stems from an issue with them and not an issue with me," she said. 

"The person I am now and the place that I am in my life now wouldn't be possible if not for the things that I had to experience because of vitiligo," she continued. "I think it gave me a much stronger sense of self. I think it helped me learn how to love myself more fully."

She finished the video off by dispelling the beauty myth that "anything is set in stone." "Beauty or freedom or justice are dynamic concepts."


You can watch the entire video below:


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