Here Are The Top 10 Technologies With Origins Much Older Than You'd Think

Who knew flamethrowers were that old?

Modern technology has given us many tools that have become completely intrinsic in our daily lives. 

Much of what we use are the products of slight revisions over time, to the point that the original inventions are scarcely recognizable to the sleek modern tools we use today.

What's incredible to think about, really, that many of the conveniences we enjoy weren't dreamed up just within the last century. In fact, the origins from some things we are incredibly dependent upon, such as alarm clocks, can be traced back thousands of years. 

Alltime10s has done a breakdown of the top 10 modern technologies that have surprising ancient roots. Check it out here:


Which piece of tech surprised you the most? Let us know in the comments!

(H/T: Alltime10s)

(Header image: iStockphoto)


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