Allison Williams On Why We Should Embrace Our Inner Weirdo

"We win in the end because we have the drive to do it."

Unfortunately, many of us can look back on our early years (and even our adult years) and remember a time we were teased about something we couldn't control like our hair, our body, or even our personality. But it's how we handle ourselves in those situations that matters most. 

Actress Allison Williams, who you may recognize from HBO's Girls or this year's thriller, Get Out, can remember those times too, and in a recent interview with Today, Williams opens up about middle school teasing and sends out a message to mean girls. 

"I used to get teased for literally everything," Williams says, adding that she used to go up to groups of "cool kids" to find out what they were talking about, only to be brought into a cruel joke.

"They'd say 'We're talking about Allison from summer camp,' and I'd be like 'Ugh, she's the worst. You guys are always talking about her.' So I basically joined in talking smack about myself and that's why I'm an actor."

So, "to mean girls I say, 'fuck you.' But also, the dorks win in the end ... Those of us who were nerds and bullied and were dorky and awkward looking and may have had legs that took up 75 percent of our bodies, we win in the end because we have the drive to do it."

Finally, if Williams could send a message to her younger self, it would be to remain a weirdo.


"Keep playing make-believe. Keep thinking that worms on rainy days are pets and friends. You can dial back the bossiness slightly, but it's going to be really important when you get older. So, don't get rid of it entirely."


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