Teen Shaves His Head To Surprise His Homecoming Date Who Is Battling Cancer

Now that's a true friend.

Allie Allen has gone through more in two years than most people experience in a lifetime: a cancer diagnosis and her mother getting a breast cancer diagnosis herself. But thanks to a longtime friend's gesture, she was able to feel less alone.

Here's what happened: Allen had initially been diagnosed with a rare brain tumor called anaplastic ependymoma when she was 14, but recently relapsed. Though exhausted from chemotherapy and radiation, she still wanted to attend her high school's homecoming dance. But she had shaved her head just a week prior — something she had been dreading since her diagnosis.

"On Saturday the majority of my hair was falling out and it was just torture to watch. Sunday morning I woke up with about 2 chunks of hair left and I decided to pull a Britney Spears 2007 and shave my head," she wrote on her family's GoFundMe page.

Little did she know her date had a surprise much better than any corsage. Her grade school friend Brayden Carpenter showed up the night of the Houston High School dance with a shaved head as well. According to the Facebook post shared by Allie's mother, Debbi, he wanted to make Allie feel comfortable. 


"Allie had no clue until he showed up! Now that is class!!!" she wrote.

The gesture meant a lot, as Allie explained on the page that as a teenage girl, it isn't just hair.

"That was very hard for me to do but that's one thing I got over and am not stressing over it anymore. One of these pictures shows my scar now everyone can see it, but a scar is a tattoo with a better story, right?"



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