Allen Iverson Is Touched At His 40th Birthday Party As He Is Surrounded By Family

Allen Iverson shows us it's okay to be human.

This isn't an article about Allen Iverson's amazing feats on the basketball court.


Okay, maybe just one GIF of him crossing over MJ. That's IT! We promise.

This article is just about A.I., the individual. The one that often gets overshadowed by gossip, rumors and other distractions.

We have to realize, that although Iverson was one of the greatest basketball players of his generation and in the conversation of best guards of all time, at the end of the day, he is a human being like all of us.

That's what this is about. Deep down in that fiery player we saw on the court, is the emotion you will see in this video of his 40th birthday party.

It's easy to get lost in the character of Iverson we knew because of his highlight reel plays and totally awesome sneaker lines (you know they made you look 10x cooler as a teenager), but we have to bring it back down to Earth at some point.

It's not all about highlights, salaries and gossip. It's about family, love and general happiness.

Another lesson to learn from A.I., is that what you say on the internet can and does hurt people, badly.

As he said in this Bleacher Report piece, "I used to be like, 'Nothing bothers me... But that's not true. When I read something negative, it hurts. Look, I'm a human being... I'm a real person. I'm human, man. My feelings can be hurt."

So, even though it might be easy to comment about a person you will never come across in life, be mindful of how that comment will make them feel. 

Instead of hate, try to love. Instead of ignorance, be caring. See how that affects someones life more than how much you can make them hurt.

Realistically though, the internet will be the internet and there will always be haters out there. So, instead of reading through endless comment sections, at the end of the day, seek out your family for happiness. That applies to everyone, rappers too!

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That being said, wouldn't life be better if we were all each other's family? 

Instead of talking about one of your problems and being made fun of, wouldn't it be amazing if the comment section was full of people that have your back and are there to help? 

It takes the same amount of effort.

That's what this video shows us, love can go a long way. 

Watch how emotional Iverson is as he is surrounded by loving people including his mom and children, who are just there to wish him a happy birthday for being who he is as a human, dad and son.

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So if you need to be brought back down to Earth and forget all of the crazy in the world, try to be more like A.I., the human, not the machine we saw on the court.

It's probably more achievable anyway! We can't all have a double digit vertical and body of steel! Watch below.

If you need some more A.I., check out this hilarious video of him fishing with Nelly. Iverson says he wants to one day become a professional fisherman. Good luck!


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