This Transgender 9-Year-Old Doesn't Want Much. He Just Wishes To Be Accepted As A Boy.

Let's love him for who he is.

Renée Fabish, a proud mother, recently shared a video on Facebook that broke all our hearts. It has been watched almost six million times during the last couple of weeks and tells the story of Milla, Fabish's beautiful transgender son.

"I'd love you to watch this slideshow I put together" Fabish said on Facebook. "It explains some major changes that are underway for Milla and our family... Milla needs our support now more than ever!"


Fabish's slideshow tells a story of her transgender son.

Milla was born healthy, beautiful and with a whole lot of personality.

But little Milla was never into any of the girly stuff.

Milla didn't want to have long hair either.

Soon enough, more questions followed.

As he grew older, Milla found a name for what he was experiencing: He was transgender.

Milla is about to start the transition process.

With the full support of his family.

But Milla also needs society to let him be who he really is.

"It's not easy being me," 9-year-old Milla tells us in the video below. "Kids tease me all the time. They call me shim, gay-girl or weirdo. People just don't understand me. Nobody wants to be my friend."

Watch the entire video below.

What a truly inspirational little boy.

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