Touching Danish Social Experiment Shows The Power Of Diversity And Shared Humanity

"And then there's us."

TV2 Denmark created a powerful ad that, in just three minutes, captures the power and beauty of diversity – whether in experience, ethnicity, age, or anything else – in a nation. 

The ad spot, titled "All That We Share" takes the form of a social experiment in which Danes of all ages, backgrounds, and ethnicities are gathered together in a room and separated into boxes drawn on the floor. An announcer asks people with various backgrounds and experiences to step forward and out of their boxes.

Suddenly people find themselves sharing something in common with people that they might have thought of as alien to them.

The narration points out that people have more in common than they might think... and those are the things people need to hold onto, remember, and focus on.


The world might be a slightly kinder place if all of us tried a little harder to see ourselves in those that we reactively fear or distrust. As remote as that possibility may seem, especially during these times when we're overwhelmed by divisive news, anger, and unrest, it's the only possibility for ever creating a world for the next generation to live in peace.

There's no one on their way to save the world. There's only us.


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