Photographs Of Couples In Love Prove All Love Is Equal

Because all love is equal.

When you think of iconic images of love, what comes to mind? 

For most, it's an image of a heterosexual couple sharing a kiss on some romantic movie set. 

But San Francisco-based photographer Braden Summers went on a mission to change the status quo, and expand our ideas of what iconic love looks like. 

Using funds earned through crowd-funcding site Kickstarter, Summers embarked on a journey through the world, travelling to London, Paris, Beirut, Mumbai, Johannesburg, Rio de Janeiro, New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco, to create a  series of photographs entitled "All Love is Equal.

The photographs depict same-gender couples in various countries and settings, and draw attention to the fact that images of romance in advertising and movies very rarely depict this kind of love. 

"The ALL LOVE IS EQUAL project began while I was in Paris," Summers said in an interview with OngoingPro. "I was shooting lots of romantic imagery when my boyfriend had suggested that I shoot a gay version. The resulting image of two men on a London bridge sparked the idea to shoot a whole series of these 'iconic' photographs in different cultures worldwide." 

Though some of the couples photographed are real, Summers told Upworthy that in some cases he used models to protect the identities of LGBTQ members who cannot safely be out in their home country. 

Real couples or not, the photographs successfully challenge the notion that only hetero love can be mainstream. Summers told Upworthy he hopes the series will inspire romance for the queer community on a global scale. 

Check out the stunning photographs below: 


To see more of Summers work visit his Facebook and Instagram

(H/T Upworthy)

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