13 #AllLionsMatter Tweets That Put Things Into Startling Perspective

No punches pulled.

The killing of Cecil the lion by an American dentist this month has sparked an unprecedented amount of public outrage for a conservation issue. Despite the fact that most Americans had no clue who Cecil was before he was killed, the lion's death has been treated as a massive tragedy that must be prevented from repeating at all costs.

But some people see hypocrisy in this anger.

A number of members of the Black Twitter community have been wondering where this outrage and reverence for life is when the issue at hand involves the welfare and rights of actual humans. In response, they've been posting sarcastic tweets that repeat the rhetoric they say many apologists use whenever unarmed black people — such as Trayvon Martin or Michael Brown or Eric Garner — are killed.

Using the hashtags #LionLivesMatter and #AllLionsMatter, Twitter activists are mocking the #AllLivesMatter, which many say only seeks devalue the unique issues Black people face and silence complaints of racism.

The results are a hilarious, often too real tongue-in-cheek collection of lion victim blaming that reminds us to remain critical of the public's selective anger.


1. Favoritism?

2. What does Scar think?

3. Not just lions.

4. On respectability.

5. Presumed guilt.

6. They just can't win.

7. Media representation can be shady.

8. Blaming all lions.

9. Caged for a reason?

10. No love for Scar.

11. The "wrong" kind of protest.

12. Being frank.

13. Priorities?


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