These Cats Do Not Look Like They're From Earth

"Awww" or "ahhhh!"?

Los Angeles-based photographer Alícia Rius has always had a fascination with curiosities, so it's no wonder she felt drawn to the eerie beauty of the Sphynx cat — a hairless breed that looks like it crawled straight out of a horror film, or landed on Earth from another planet. 

In a statement emailed to A Plus, Rius says she became "awed and obsessed" with the cats. "A cat without that protective coat, every emotion and sensation the Sphynx cat experiences, I could now read it on his exposed flesh," she writes. "All raw, exposed, vulnerable." 


"The Disturbing Beauty Of Sphynx Cats” is an ongoing photo project exploring that vulnerability, beauty, oddity and, of course, creepiness.

"Their look is edgy, aggressive, odd; but their personalities are bright, joyful and very affectionate," Rius says. "This breed is a good example that looks can be deceiving."

The project also explores the breed's anatomy: "the pale almost transparent skin, the way their wrinkles fold, how the musculature behaves with each movement."

And in case you're wondering, Rius says touching one is like "caressing velvet."

She also mentions there has been mixed reactions to her photo series, as this breed is either one viewers love or hate.  

"Although many people will still dislike these cats, I hope they can take the time to appreciate their majestic look and unique beauty. They just need to have kind eyes and break with beauty stereotypes."

"Sometimes, the way they fold themselves leaves me with very interesting shapes where I no longer see a cat but an abstract figure that is odd, yet beautiful."

Check out more photos from the "Disturbing Beauty Of Sphynx Cats" below:

Check out more of Rius' work on her Facebook, Twitter or Instagram page. 

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