Bachelorette Warriors Celebrate Women Who Raise Each Other Up When Life Gets Tough

"Because women should fight alongside each other and support each other."

A bachelorette party is not only a time to celebrate the last chapter of singlehood, but it's a time to celebrate friendships and strengthen bonds. But for one bride-to-be named Alex Pinkerton, her bachelorette party represented something even greater.  

Pinkerton wanted the theme of her party to be about women who fight for each other to always make sure their voices are heard and their rights are protected —  something she's finding to be increasingly important in the current political climate. 


With those ideas in mind, she decided to host a warrior-themed bachelorette party.

Courtesy of Alex Pinkerton

"Over the past two years, we've all felt the strain on women," Pinkerton told A Plus via email. She explained that this led to her group of friends supporting each other more. "When we started feeling this way, we vowed to check in on each other more — even though we're spread across the country — support each other more, and to create a safe space where we focused solely on lifting women up, instead of bashing people or giving attention to negatives."

What led to the Warrior Women theme was the idea that "whenever things got tough, our friends always had our backs." The Seattle resident stated. "We looked to each other for strength and created more dialogue around family issues, job issues, POC rights, mental health, women's rights, etc. We admire all the women that are struggling and battling to maintain their rightful place in their environment, whether it be in the workplace or at home."

For the bachelorette party in Banff, Canada, the group went all out, creating epic Warrior Women costumes.

Courtesy of Alex Pinkerton

The outfits were made with a combination of thrifted items, props, costumes, and some impressive DIY skills. In addition to looking badass, they also made the ladies feel great.

Pinkerton reported that she felt, "Empowered! Strong! Fearless!"

It wasn't just the members of the bachelorette party who loved the Warrior Women outfits. Fellow hikers and strangers in Banff were taking photos of the group and asking about the looks.

"Seeing the joy/awe on their faces after telling them our inspiration was incredible," the bride-to-be revealed. "We felt like we could take on the whole world."

After a while of wearing the outfits, all seven members of the bachelorette party felt they were "just seven pals hanging out in one of the most gorgeous places on Earth." Pinkerton added, "Of course we stood out to everyone else wherever we went!"

Courtesy of Alex Pinkerton

The positive reactions to the posts continued when they shared photos of their bachelorette party weekend on the Pantsuit Nation Facebook page, according to HuffPost.

"Because life is tough. But so are women," Pinkerton wrote in the post. "Because women should raise up other women. Because women should fight alongside each other and support each other. Keep fighting, ladies!"

Courtesy of Alex Pinkerton

"We believe in the power of women and having your warriors behind you to support you through anything you go through," she continued. "We know that strength does not come from dressing up as warriors, but from within and the partnerships you make in life." 

"Strong female friendships are extremely powerful and can help women succeed and feel confident in a beautifully unique way. We wanted to create a party displaying the bond we have for each other, through thick and thin, war and peace."

"We sincerely hope that women take the time to celebrate each other, however they choose to do it," she stated. "There has been an astonishing amount of women who have responded to our original post saying they'd like to do a warrior theme, too. To that we say, 'YES! Please do it! Do it better than us, send us pictures, and celebrate each other.'"

Those wondering whether Pinkerton will bring a little of the Warrior Women theme to her wedding ceremony, should know it's now a possibility. She told A Plus there weren't original plans to have it in the wedding weekend, but the trip to Banff has inspired them — and her friends are providing a few suggestions.

"We're definitely rethinking the bridesmaids' dresses," she said. "We may not change much for the ceremony, but there might be some warrior-themed things at our reception. 

Courtesy of Alex Pinkerton

We've all hung onto our outfits — my crown may be making an appearance again."


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