Guitarist Is Overwhelmed By Support From Strangers Just Seconds After He Starts Playing

"Watch what's about to happen..."

Gerson Granados, who started out playing guitar when he was just 14, decided he wanted to play for others on the Internet. So he began a live stream on Periscope, a site that allows users to tune into live videos from all over the world, for his two followers.

The guitarist, whose financial struggles and obstacles have been tough to endure, tells A Plus in an email that he "prayed for a break, just a small break."

"Then on a day just like any other day in my life, still filled with problems and obstacles," Granados decided to pick up his guitar and simply play.


On this particular day, social media guru and Periscope user Alex Pettitt joined in to watch. A fan of his talent, Pettitt asked Granados to play the most impressive song he could.

Challenge accepted.

"Watch what's about to happen..." Pettitt wrote...

Pettitt broadcasted the performance to his own 90,000 followers and suddenly, everyone was watching Granados play.

Comments and likes burst onto the screen, and Granados was visibly overjoyed and overwhelmed by the response. In just minutes, Granados went from two to nearly 300 followers (and counting!).

"What did this moment mean to me? It meant freedom. Freedom from all my problems, freedom from all my insecurities, freedom from any doubt, and I knew at that moment that if I make music about people, community, and fellowship I can live in this freedom..."

"...This moment made me realize that sometimes we just need to find ourselves in the midst of difficult times and be grateful for what we do have even if its just health. To me this moment was the break I asked for, I was a winner, I became bigger than my problems, and all it took was being selfless and think of others instead of myself," Granados says.

"People matter, you matter, I matter and I continue to play on," Granados says.

Granados' story is an inspirational reminder that if we're passionate about something, we can find support from people all over the world and, hopefully, we'll find a little love too.

Find more on his Soundcloud or follow him on Instagram.


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