How Well Do Alex And Maia Shibutani Know South Korea? We Put Them To The Test.


When it comes to South Korea, Alex and Maia Shibutani certainly know their stuff — after all, they did just spend a few weeks competing at the Pyeongchang 2018 Winter Olympics. Just for fun, A Plus asked them some trivia about the beautiful Asian country and learned that the ShibSibs are pretty much Jeopardy!-ready.

The quiz began with a question asking Alex and Maia to identify the South Korean flag, which they pass with flying colors and explain that it was an easy task since they were surrounded by it in Pyeongchang. "We definitely had to get that one right," they explained. "It would have been pretty embarrassing if we didn't know that."

Next up there was a little stumble in guessing the current leader of South Korea, Moon Jae-in. While they did correctly guess that the country has a president just like the U.S., they were unable to come up with a name. Being the good sports they are, though, they joked that they were tight with the world leader and just say "hey, dude."

As for the rest of the game, you'll have to watch for yourself. That said, we must that the final question required the bronze medal-winning to name all seven members of the hit K-pop group BTS and we were blown away by what happened.

Come for the trivia and stay for Alex and Maia adorably saying "kimchi!"


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