This Artist's Dizzying Paintings Will Make You Rub Your Eyes In Disbelief

Don't call the eye doctor just yet.

It's common to say that one too many tequila shots can make you see double. But what to do when it happens to a completely sober mind?

All we can say is that if the effect is caused by Alex Garant's paintings, then you've got nothing to worry about. If not, maybe schedule a doctor's appointment or something.


Meet Canadian artist Alexandra Garant, otherwise known as the 'queen of double eyes.'

Garant became famous for her unique approach to human portraiture — while realistic in nature, her paintings also use optical illusion techniques that make them look completely surreal.

The technique that Garant applied to her paintings comes from photography and is called double exposure. Basically, it combines two different images to make a single one.

Garant doubles (sometimes even triples) her models' faces, creating this flickering sense where it becomes hard to tell what is real and what's a blurry illusion.

According to the artist, she expects observers to indulge in an image investigation process and employ all of their senses while doing so.

'Viewers shall try to unearth the main figure by focusing on making those multiples into one,' she writes on her website.

What's interesting is that Garant started focusing on art full time only after a brutal medical condition.

In 2012, Garant suffered from a heart attack, which forever changed her perception of the world.

'I got a viral infection that went straight to my heart and got it so swollen it just crashed. I was just 30 at the time, it’s like my warranty expired,' Garant said in an interview.

After that, she decided to not waste her time and fully embraced her passion for visual art.

Garant says the decision to create these doubling artworks came from simply doodling stuff, playing with reflections and symmetry.

'It’s a bit of an optical illusion and it takes time for your eyes to adjust to the painting. I love creating that physical reaction, something they have to stop and think about.'

We definitely love these mind-boggling paintings as well! CAN'T. STOP. STARING.

(H/T: Lexiquette)


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