This Animator’s Hilarious New Video Uses Cats To Make An Important Point About Gun Control

"... Stop the excessive amount of awful cats on the street."

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It's admittedly difficult to have a conversation about gun control, with each side of the debate seemingly unflinching in its resolve.


In fact, sometimes we just want someone or something to break it down so that we can understand where each side is coming from. Well, what if that something was cats? That's what animator Alex Clark uses to illustrate why gun control is needed while injecting some humor and levity into the hotly debated topic.

Check out the video below:

His latest video, entitled "Guns Explained With Cats," compares cute and cuddly cats to their more "awful" counterparts to prove his point as to why some regulation is needed. "Let's say you're at the movies or church or school, when out of nowhere, a cat pops up and claws you in the face," his animated narrator describes. "Suddenly, you might want to do something about this awful cat."

The narrator then goes on to describe the "street" he lived on, where one awful cat turned into dozens thanks to his neighbor, "Mrs. NRA," giving out treats to the feral kitties. He later compares his street to "Australia Street," where, after putting rules in place, no one has gotten clawed in the face in more than 20 years. His point in all this? "All anyone wants is to put some rules in place to stop the excessive amount of awful cats on the street."

After making his point, Clark ends the video by urging everyone to attend the March for Our Lives rally — which is being organized by victims of the Parkland, Fla., school shooting — that's set to be held on March 24.

Though his video adds some levity to the situation, gun violence and mass shootings are a very real problem that the country faces. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 96 people on average are killed by guns daily. Meanwhile, according to the Brady Campaign, 116,255 people are shot on average each year in the U.S., with an average of 35,141dying from their injuries. The recent uptick in mass shootings across the nation has even caused avid gun owners to reconsider their views on gun reform. While the creator isn't advocating for an all-out ban on guns, his plea is that something must be done to stop the country's growing problem.

Perhaps Clark's comedic attempt at broaching the topic can inspire some meaningful conversations about guns and gun violence on all sides.

(H/T: HuffPost)


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