Photographer Asked Complete Strangers To Name Their Biggest Regrets. Their Answers Are Telling.

"What I did last night."

Unless you are Robby Williams and wrote a song about having "No Regrets," it's likely that there are things you'd do differently if you were given a second chance.

Alecsandra Raluca Dragoi, a London-based photographer, decided to capture people's regrets on film. Her project "Which Is Your Biggest Regret?" features strangers holding posters with their answers to this question. 

Dragoi explains the idea behind her project on her website

I think that frequently when you share your thought with somebody, even if it is strange person, you release the black stain which is on the soul and you can feel free.

I do not trust in people who say that they do not have regrets. In my opinion there is a difference between not having regrets and not thinking about them. Not thinking about regrets is better, because what you have done is in the past. I found this anonymous quote during my research and it has the essence of what I am trying to explain: "If we spend our time with regrets over yesterday, and worries over what might happen tomorrow, we have no today in which to live."


Scroll down to find out the answers of complete strangers featured for the project.

"Shagging Lee's mum."

"Not being with my father when he died 15 years ago."

"Not having the confidence to be the best I can be."

"What I did last night."

"Not writing as much as I'd like to."

"Not saying 'I love you' enough."

"Our biggest regret is that we didn't move here many years ago. WE LOVE IT HERE."

"When I stole my sisters money."

"Not listening."

"Developing an addiction to alcohol."

"Dropping out of college."

"Not becoming a footballer."

What would you write if you were asked the exact same question?

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