Forget Scissors And Blow Dryers. This Hair Dresser Is On Another Level With Swords And Fire.

That's one way of doing it.

If you were looking for a new way to get your hair cut, look no further.


A Madrid hairdresser by the name of Alberto Olmedo has come up with quite a unique way to give you a trim.

With swords!

And fire!

Besides being outlandish, there is actually a method to this inherent madness.

As he explains in the video below, when you cut hair, both sides are never the same length no matter how hard one may try.

So he decided the only way to make sure hair was cut perfectly equal, was to cut both sides at the exact same time.

While he does admit it is a bit "primitive" and "medieval," one must do what is necessary to get the results you want.

It seems to be working, just check out the results at the end of the video below.


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