8 Devices That Will Actually Make You Want To Get Out Of Bed In The Morning

Other than your significant other, of course.

Getting out of bed in the morning is quite possibly the hardest part of the day. Why would you ever want  to leave the plushy, warm cloud you sleep on to get out of bed, and face your everyday struggles? 

Unfortunately, there are real life responsibilities that have to be attended to — like, you know, getting to work or class on time.  Though your phone alarm probably does a decent job, (even if you find yourself throwing it across the room), here are some other options you may want to invest in. 


1. Wake Up Work Out Alarm Clock.

If you need extra motivation for both getting out of bed and working out, this clock is for you. The clock works by shutting off only after you've done 30 bicep reps. Supposedly, its motion sensors can tell you're actually doing them properly. 

2. Clocky.

This alarm clock actually runs away so that you can't hit the snooze button, even though you desperately want to. That means actually getting out of bed to turn it off. It comes in tons of colors so be sure to pick one you already hate. 

3. IQ Alarm Clock.

Don't know if you'll actually wake up smarter using this clock, but it'll at least get your brain going in the morning. The clock asks one to three questions. To shut it off, you need to answer correctly. No snooze button here, guys. 

4. Wake 'n Bacon.

Who wouldn't want to start the day with a freshly cooked piece of bacon? Put a frozen piece in the clock before bed and set the alarm. Ten minutes before the alarm goes off, the bacon will start cooking. If the smell itself doesn't get you up, the taste should. 

5. PizzaTime.

If bacon isn't your thing, maybe pizza is. After you set this alarm clock up once with your address and credit card, it can order pizza from Dominos for you. It'll even tell you when the pizza is in the oven and on its way. Not a bad reason to get out of bed. 

6. Happillow.

This pillow is just as fluffy as the one you already have, but it has a built in alarm clock with LED display. The alarm clock works by moving the pillow. Shake it to access the menu or turn off the alarm once it starts ringing. To set the alarm on or off, tilt the pillow forward or backward. Don't worry, the LED display will shut off once your head hits the pillow. But when the alarm goes off, the pillow will flash lights, vibrate, and eventually beep if you don't wake up. 

7. Clockman.

This clock has eyes that roll and a mouth that moves. Oh, and it speaks Japanese. The clocks sings and can also yell if you make it. The assorted colors actually aren't just for show. Each different colored Clockman comes with a particular personality. The yellow one "cuts straight to the chase and speaks rough" while the pink one is "the politest of the bunch" and the green one "lives in his own reality." 

8. Carpet Alarm Clock.

Here's another clock that actually forces you to get out of bed. You have to actually step on the carpet to stop the annoying beeping. The carpet is equipped with an LED display to tell you the time. 

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