Adam Driver Parodies Aladdin's Iconic Scene To Be Much Less Magical On SNL

"I'm sorry, some kind of fat bird just hit my mouth."


Sorry Disney, but Aladdin's magic carpet ride with Jasmine may have been much less romantic than we thought. 

Adam Driver, who plays Kylo Ren in the new Star Wars movie, hosted Saturday Night Live over the weekend and showed us that riding an unenclosed carpet high in the sky is actually a terrible idea for a date. In the skit, Driver plays Aladdin who takes Cecily Strong, his very own Princess Jasmine, on a flying carpet adventure. 

The pair tries to sing "A Whole New World" together, but Jasmine keeps getting interrupted. She's attacked by a giant bird that gets feathers in her mouth, hit in the head by a flying bomb, and, well, peed on after an airplane dumps its toilet in the sky. Needless to say, the princess would like to return to her palace, please. 

Before he can turn the thing around, the rug starts experiencing technical difficulties. "We're losing altitude. I'm going to try to put her down at that air force base," he says. 

Watch how it all turns out in the video above. 


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