Real Life Aladdin Takes New York By Total Surprise With Magic Carpet Joy Ride

Hey there, Mr. Aladdin sir.

There are many ways to get around New York City.


You can walk, hop on a subway, take a cab or even hire a guy to pedal you around on a bicycle. 

However, there is one form of transportation we never quite thought of...

Yeah, magic carpet never crossed our minds. But we're sure glad someone thought of it.

As part of a Halloween prank, the guys from PrankvsPrank, came up with the idea to dress a skater up as Aladdin and fly him around New York City on a motorized skateboard.

These unsuspecting New Yorkers have no idea what's going on.

Everyone is just completely lost as to what they just saw.

You do see a bunch of crazy stuff in Manhattan on a daily basis, but this one is new for sure.

Watch the video below — and then check out the behind-the-scenes video after it to see how they pulled it off.


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