'Aladdin' Actor And Girlfriend Perform Dance To Frank Sinatra, But With A Twist Ending

Putting his talent to good use.

Joshua Dela Cruz stars as an Aladdin understudy on Broadway, but it's his own love story that is getting all of the attention. 

He and his girlfriend, Amanda Phillips, met five years ago and began to film a dance reel together, but never finished. Phillips agreed to finally finish one with him in New York's Central Park, but what she didn't know was what was in store for her at the very end: a proposal.

And it's as Broadway as can be. 


They start off with sweet moves to Frank Sinatra's 'You Make Me Feel So Young.'

Then segue into this cute little moment.

Then into this mesmerizing step routine.

Until the big moment comes. 

Step, turn, proposal.

This is definitely a Disney-worthy proposal.


Watch their full number below:


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