Innocent Fishing Trip Turns Into The Most Surprising Catch Ever

Guarantee they didn't see that coming.

When you're looking for bass, you rarely find cats.

But for fisherman Jason Frost, that's exactly what happened on the Black Warrior River in Alabama. Frost, 28, and his friend Brandon Key, 34, were having just another day on the river when they heard a loud splash in the water behind them. 

"We turned around and didn't see anything, but a few minutes later, we saw something swimming above the surface getting closer and closer," he told ABC News. "Then I heard it meowing, and I could tell it was a cat. I was like, 'Hey, Brandon, you need to record this.'"

That's when the laughter started.


"You are not going to believe what is swimming towards our boat," Frost said.

And he was right, it was pretty hard to believe.

Swimming up to the boat was an orange tabby kitten, and all Frost could do was scoop him out of the water with a smile on his face. 

But that was just the beginning.

Key thought he saw another near the boat.

"Did you hear it?"  he asked. "I just saw it jump in the water!"

And sure enough, he was right.

A second cat, appearing to be a twin, showed up shortly after.

"We caught one fish -- a bass, and we threw it back," Frost told ABC News. "When we got back to shore, there was a family staring at us weird, probably wondering why we had cats on a boat when cats hate being wet. We told them the story and showed them the video. They really seemed interested in the kittens, so we let them take the kittens home."

He didn't catch the names of the family who took the cat, but after posting it on Facebook and YouTube, his video has gotten millions of views.

Check it out below:


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