When Someone Said A 'Seasoned Man' Should Replace Matt Lauer, Al Roker Wasn't Having It

"Sounds like you want a steak, not an anchor."

When Al Roker signed onto Twitter yesterday, he probably hadn't expected a forecast of trolls. The weatherman took notice when one user said they would have preferred a "seasoned man" to take over the Today gig after Matt Lauer was fired over "inappropriate sexual behavior" but, instead, Hoda Kotb got the job. And, spoiler alert, he was not pleased.


"Sorry Hoda ur great with Kathylee [Kathie Lee Gifford] but not as anchor. Was looking for a seasoned man – guess NBC doesn't have one," the person tweeted in response to a selfie Roker had shared with himself, Kotb, and Savannah Guthrie.

Though this person clearly felt the need to express their opinion online for all to see, Roker didn't hold back in voicing exactly what he thought in response. In a short-yet-powerful retort, Roker wrote: "Sounds like you want a steak, not an anchor."

"It's not a gender issue but rather personality. You all are in hype over the wrong issue," the person added, attempting to clarify the situation and reply to Roker's epic clapback. Roker wasn't having it, though, and ended the conversation with a dose of logic, writing: "I guess 'seasoned man' has nothing to do with gender. I misunderstood. Have a great day."

Kotb was named co-anchor on January 2, having filled the position alongside Guthrie ever since the announcement was made that Lauer had been terminated after 20 years of service. Despite the negative energy over this duo being formed, there is a silver lining: it's the first time in Today history that two women — and only women — will be anchoring the show together.

Despite the fact that Kotb will be pulling double duty by co-hosting the 10 a.m. hour alongside Gifford, The Hollywood Reporter notes that her salary will be far less than what NBC had paid Lauer. She'll likely make a pretty penny, but far and away less than Lauer's reported $20 million paycheck.

Once CBS exec is quoted in the story saying that higher-ups used to believe that "some testosterone in the sandwich" was needed for network morning news shows. That said, given how Today is doing in ratings after Lauer and CBS This Morning is faring well without Charlie Rose (with Christiane Amanpour as an interim replacement), that may be — and hopefully will be — a thing of the past.

(H/T: Page Six)


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