They Fell Asleep On A Flight And When They Awoke, Their Dreams Came True

Finally, a happy holiday travel story!

There are few things worse than flying over the holidays. Passengers battle long lines, frequent flight cancellations, and antagonizing flight attendants.

Unless, of course, you're flying on WestJet. Then your dreams just might come true. 

The low-cost Canadian airline carrier, known for their heart-warming advertising campaigns, asked passengers waiting to board a recent flight to Mount Hope, Ontario, what they wanted for Christmas. 

And by the time the plane landed, Santa had delivered! 

Personalized presents rolled down the luggage carrousel. A woman cried after receiving a camera. One ambitious guy even received a flat screen TV. (We feel for the sucker who asked for socks and underwear.)

Watching the surprised looks on the passengers as they receive their presents proves once again that it truly is better to give than receive.

And if you want to experience another heartwarming moment, WestJet pulled off a similar stunt in the Dominican Republic.



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