AirBnB's Powerful #HostWithPride Campaign Shows What LGBT Couples Face When Traveling

So touching.

This year's Gay Pride celebrations have an element of suspense to them. And how could they not, with the fate of gay couples across the country contingent on a Supreme Court ruling expected some time this month? 

But the American LGBT community can take heart in the fact that a majority of the nation now backs marriage equality — which includes a number of forward-thinking companies who are vocal supporters of their rights. 

This year, home rental website Airbnb has joined the growing chorus of gay rights proponents in the best way. The company released a new ad campaign called #HostWithPride in conjunction with this month's Gay Pride celebrations.


The video features LGBT couples talking about their relationships and families, and how they met each other.

Then, they described how being gay or queer affects their traveling decisions.

"Traveling as a gay couple, some countries are less friendly than others," one gay couple said. Before deciding to travel somewhere, they explained that they have to look into a country's laws and its treatment of gay people.

One older couple told of how, back in the day, hotels would designate two separate beds for them in the same room.

"We couldn't say, 'We sleep together all the time,' " they said. "You couldn't say it in those days."

A queer couple, a cisgender woman and a transgender man, said that they pass off as a straight couple.

But he wondered, "If people knew that I was trans, and that we were queer, would these people talk to us? Would they be kind to us?"

One lesbian couple planning their honeymoon had to face the kind of questions that many typically wouldn't ask.

"Will we be catcalled, will we be followed? For our honeymoon," they said, "I don't want to be attacked ... It's not like we're trying to be disrespectful or break any laws; we just want to hold hands and celebrate."

Toward the end, the couples tell of how beyond just being tolerated by society, they'd like to be accepted.

One of them said, "I would love to really experience the world knowing you're welcome anywhere you go."

Watch the touching video here:


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