Amazing New Website Makes Your Computer A Game Console And Your Phone A Controller

This changes everything.

A new website can turn a room full of people with smartphones into a gaming heaven.

Using a direct connection between your PC and cell phone, offers a unique gaming experience that can support up to eight players. Here is how it works:


First, you go to

Once you're there, you hit the power button and wait for a code.

Then you open the same website on your phone and enter the code.

Once you enter the code, your phone connects to the PC and you can choose from dozens of games.

And even poker.

Want to add friends? Just give them the code and they can hop in too.

Photo: Danute Rasimaviciute

In a Reddit thread about the game, some people complained that the "phone controller" may not be as effective or technologically sound as a real gaming controller. But an AirConsole game developer hopped on to explain: 

"The cool thing about AirConsole is that it doesn't need a lot of hardware: An average laptop will do," AliceTheGamedev wrote. "You won't be able to play the newest AAA games with it, but that's also not really what we're all about. AirConsole is to play a few quick games with friends while having a beer. Think Mario Party. Except it's really annoying to carry an N64 with 8 controllers (or a big gaming PC with 8 gamepads) somewhere, while AirConsole just needs a laptop or TV with a couple of smartphones, and you're all good to play with as many people as you like."

You can check out AirConsole here: 

Have fun!

Photo: Danuté Rasimaviciute


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