He Asked This Iraqi Girl What She Thought Of ISIS. Her Reply Stunned Us.

Her words are incredible.

When ISIS invaded Mosul, Iraq last June, hundreds of families were forced to flee.


Many of those families are now in the Kurd-protected territories of Northern Iraq, where Kurdish fighters continue to combat the terror group in efforts to keep them from gaining ground and, perhaps, to reclaim Mosul.

Some of those families are now in a half-built mall in Erbil, Iraq.

Ainkawa mall now houses families who lost everything in the raids by the terror organization.

SAT-7, a Christian satellite television network for North Africa and the Middle East, sent a reporter to Ainkawa to talk to some of the children there. There, the reporter met Myriam, a young Iraqi girl who was forced from her home in Qaraqosh, Iraq with her family.

He asked her what her feelings about ISIS were.

Her reply was a stunning testament to her faith.

Here's the video with Myriam's poignant response:

It's a gentle reminder that hope and faith can always be found, even in war zones and other hearts of darkness.

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