Aidy Bryant Got Real About The Issue Of Equal Pay On 'SNL' This Week

"I, like most girls, have been taught to be accommodating and be polite."

The recent revelation of a large pay disparity between Mark Wahlberg and Michelle Williams on re-shoots of All the Money in the World brought up the always-relevant issue of gender parity in the workplace — both in and out of the entertainment industry.

Over the weekend, Saturday Night Live cast member Aidy Bryant delivered a segment on "Weekend Update" that addressed the issue, and provided some funny (and true) context for how societal expectations can be a roadblock to equal pay — and how men can help.

Bryant began the segment by apologizing if she ruined things with her entrance, explaining to co-host Colin Jost, "I, like most girls, have been taught to be accommodating and be polite. Like, once I felt bad about telling an Uber driver that he made a wrong turn, and so I just went with him to New Jersey."


The star tied this in to the topic of equal pay by explaining that it should take more than women acting like Mark Wahlberg to change things.

"Everyone's talking about how women should negotiate harder, and ask for more money, and that's true, and I really think women are ready to do that," she said. "But I feel like maybe, just maybe, men could maybe be just, like, this much more dec." (That's short for "decent," in Bryant's attempt to remain "cool and chill," instead of seeming like a "shrew.")

Bryant also responded to Wahlberg's donation of his $1.5 million salary to the Time's Up movement, calling it the "right thing to do," but adding, "It would be so cool if it didn't take a week-long public shaming to do the right thing. Maybe do a daily, private shaming — which is what I have done my entire damn life."

See Bryant's full comments on the issue in the video below:

Watch a video from our partners below.

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