Here's What Our Next President Will Look Like In The Year 2025

The presidency sure does take a toll.

Everyone knows being the President of the United States is one of the hardest jobs in America. You must carry the weight of the world for four, possibly eight years, without ever complaining about the stress. Allowing yourself to be a country's scapegoat, while simultaneously trying to solve all its problems is tiring, to say the least. And looking at photos of people before and after their presidency shows what a drastic physical toll the role can take. 

So what will the 2016 presidential candidates look like in 2025? Florida-based public affairs communications company Sachs Media Group, teamed up with photo restoration and manipulation firm Phojoe to find out. 

In a series of digitally-manipulated photographs we can see the aging presidents. their deep wrinkles, and graying hair indicate just how much work they are about to endure. 

Take a look: 


1. Ben Carson

2. Bernie Sanders

3. Carly Fiorina

4. Chris Christie

5. Donald Trump

6. Hilary Clinton

7. Joe Biden

8. John Kasich

9. Marco Rubio

10. Mike Huckabee

11. Rand Paul

12. Ted Cruz


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