You Wouldn't Expect This To Happen In The Streets Full Of People. Sadly, It Did.

Why is it so?

Oh, Paris. Is it really the city of love, romance, good wine and strolls by the Seine?

OR... is it a city where women can't feel safe, even in the daytime?

Filmmakers Eric Esculier and Jerome Genevray set out to expose the not-so-perfect side of Paris by filming a social experiment they titled "The Aggression." They set up a hidden camera and invited two actors — male and female — to simulate a robbery.

Esculier and Genevray understandably expected that when passersby saw a woman attacked by a man on the street, they would do something to intervene and keep her from harm. But what they actually captured was very different. 

Watch the video to see for yourself.


According to Genevray, the creative duo wanted to address a pervasive problem brought to their attention by friends who have personally experienced public assault. They said it was shocking to see how indifferently most people act in these situations. 

"We hope this video challenges viewers to think that one day this exact same thing could happen to them. We want people more to reflect on what they would've done in this situation and influence their actions in the future," Genevray told the French magazine Paulette.

(H/T: Ufunk, Paulette)

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