After The Carr Fire Destroyed Their Homes, These Hospital Workers Still Went To Work

"We’re finding out that people really matter."

Even as the Carr fire continues to rage in Northern California, medical professionals continue to show up to do their life-saving work at the Dignity Health hospital in Redding, California. So far, the wildfire has destroyed over 800 homes in Redding, some of which belong to Dignity Health hospital employees.

According to Buzzfeed News, approximately 40 employees at the Dignity Health hospital in Redding, California have helped keep the hospital running despite losing their homes.

"Those who are coming are very sick and we have to take care of them," Michele Woods, a palliative nurse told BuzzFeed. "The hospital is really resilient. We're a family. What we are doing for our patients we are doing for each other. It's a community of caring right now." 

The Carr fire is the 7th most destructive fire in California's history, per CNN. The fire has spread across nearly 103,772 acres of land and has claimed the lives of at least six people.

Per Buzzfeed, physicians have been sleeping in the hospital and other shelters the city has provided, all while serving around 145 patients daily.

Even though she lost her house, Woods said that Redding will always be her home.

"We're finding out that people really matter," Woods told Buzzfeed. "We aren't abandoning Redding. It may look really yucky out there for a while, but we're getting up, putting on our shoes, and we're going to be OK."

Cover image via Justin Sullivan/Getty Images.


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