A Girl In Ghana Wanted To Say 'Hi' To America, So An Awesome Redditor Made It Happen

Happy Birthday, Akua!

Meet Akua.

She's a little girl who lives in Ghana, a country in Africa. When asked by her American friend (the guy with glasses in the picture below) what she wanted for her birthday, she answered that she wanted to "say hi to America!"

So an acquaintance of her friend's, who had ample Internet access, helped Akua out by postng the photo of the two of them together and sharing Akua's wish with the world.


Commentors on reddit from states all across America extended their birthday greetings.

In true little kid form, however, Akua's attention was elsewhere:

I told him earlier she was getting a lot of Birthday wishes and he said "I don't think she understands the concept of internet, she's just happy to have a basketball and food. Shes actually very happy".

HBD from the Americans at A+ in New York City, Akua!


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