An Afghan Woman Nursed Her Baby While Taking An Exam, And Became A Symbol Of Strength

"She has decided to take part in making her society better through getting knowledge."

A photograph of an Afghan woman taking an exam at a prestigious university has gone viral. 

The picture, taken by a lecturer overseeing the exam named Yahya Efran, shows 25-year-old Jahan Taab nursing while she sits on the floor and takes an exam at Nasirkhosraw Higher Education Institute. Per CNN, Taab's baby began crying in the middle of the exam, so she left her desk and sat cross-legged on the ground to nurse the baby.


In a Facebook message to A Plus, Efran characterized the woman's dedication both to her baby and her studies as a demonstration of the strength of the women in his country, especially "those women who want [improvement] and change in their lives."

Facebook / Yahya Efran

Taab has three children and traveled almost eight hours to get to the test, an entrance exam for social sciences. She passed.

"She comes from a very poor family and a deprived province of the country," Efran told A Plus. "She has decided to take part in making her society better through getting knowledge."

To help Taab afford her school fees, which are a little less than two hundred dollars a semester, the Afghan Youth Association launched a GoFundMe campaign, which has already raised over $6,000 — enough to cover 17 years at her university.

Efran was blown away by how the picture and Taab's story caught fire online.

"It was so incredible when I shared that picture on my Facebook page," Efran told A Plus. "I never thought that this picture can explode like this."


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