Aerie's New Body Positive Campaign Wants You To 'Share Your Spark'

"It's important not to let other people define who you are."


It seems more and more fashion brands are starting to promote ideas about self-love and inclusion. Modcloth and Lovesick are two examples, and Aerie caught our attention with its unretouched #AerieREAL campaign, featuring Iskra Lawrence.

Now Aerie is back with another campaign, and it wants you to let your inner spark shine.

The "Show Your Spark" campaign is a continuation of the #AerieREAL movement. Like the original, it is all about celebrating you for you.

So, with sparklers in hand and plenty of dance moves, Aerie designers, models, bloggers, social fans, and people who have never modeled before, come together in this underwear campaign to show how proud they are of their own unique lovely selves. 

Iskra Lawrence says in the voiceover, "Half of the girls had never been on a photo shoot, yet all of these women proudly bared their real selves to share their spark with girls everywhere."

As everyone dances, they share body positive messages about embracing who you are. One woman says, "It's still important to not let other people define who you are."

Model and body positive promoter Barbie Ferreira says, "When I was younger, I never had true representation of people who I could relate to."

Lawrence concludes by explaining what the "Show Your Spark" campaign is all about:

"#AerieREAL started as a spark and ignited a movement. It's not about flaws or curves, it's about what's beneath the skin — our real truths. Our real selves. Our real beauty. #AerieREAL is about empowerment."

Forget about being hung up on your size, shape, or build. The "Show Your Spark" campaign reminds us that it is about what is underneath. Loving yourself from the inside out is the key to letting your spark shine as bright as can be.

(H/T: Popsugar)


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