Model Adwoa Aboah's 5 Pieces Of Advice For Young Women

"Be who you want to be."

23-year-old model Adwoa Aboah has some real, raw advice for young women — and we're hearing it loud and clear.

Aboah, the founder of Gurls Talk, a safe space for girls within schools to open up about their issues, was recently interviewed by StyleLikeU about her dark past with addiction and her journey to happiness.   

"I believe in quite a lot nowadays ... I believe that I'm definitely loved, I believe that I'm not alone, I believe in happiness," Aboah concluded at the end of her interview. 

Now, Aboah's been featured in a video for W Magazine in which she offers five pieces of candid advice to young women about living your life the way your want to. 


"Wear what you want," she begins.

"Be who you want to be."


"Be vulnerable."

"And don't give a shit."

Hear it all from Aboah herself in the video below:


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