Adorable Kids With Learning Disabilities Offer Important Advice For Their Teachers

"My brain might be different than yours, but it's still amazing."

Even the brightest minds have once struggled in school. Either with calculus or art classes, we all had our fair share of obstacles along the way to higher education.

However, for some kids those obstacles might not be as easy to overcome ...

According to National Center for Learning Disabilities (NCLD), 2.4 million American public school students are identified as having learning disabilities that affect their ability to read, write, compute math, pay attention, memorize things, socialize, etc. 

These shouldn't be mistaken with autism spectrum disorders that affect 1 in 45 children in the U.S. and cause serious development issues.

In short, all of these numbers signify the vast amount of children that might not conform to traditional learning techniques. Sadly, not all educators are trained or equipped with resources to provide these students with the help that they need.


To help teachers better understand the needs of kids with learning disabilities, Brain Highways released this video:

The team behind Brain Highways, an educational program for adults and kids, made this heartfelt video hoping to strike a chord with educators and encourage them to learn more about working with children who have autism, Asperger's, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), learning disabilities, and processing disorders.

The video was written by and features kids who do actually suffer from the disorders mentioned above. 

Meaning the advice you hear comes from the original source and couldn't be more important to consider for everyone dealing with child education.

"School does greatly influence how kids are viewed by others and how they view themselves. So, while it may take years to change laws or how health care addresses mental health issues, these kids hope their message will be shared with as many educators as possible," Brain Highways writes.

Help spread the message and make a positive impact on these kids' future!


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