13 People Share Their Best Piece Of Advice For New Parents

No. 5 is actually such a big help.

Parenting can be chaotic, unexpected, joyful, hilarious, and difficult. And while there are plenty of parenting books and resources to help new moms and dads navigate all that they will encounter, they can never be fully prepared for everything. During those first days, weeks, months, and years, things can be especially difficult without the help and advice of others. 


But when friends, family, and books don't have all the answers, there is always the good 'ole Internet to consult. A lot of new parents are taking to Reddit to ask other moms and dads for tips. 

Below are 13 brilliant pieces of advice that Redditors have given new parents.

1. Patience is a virtue.

2. Let your kids be who they are.

3. Read to them.

4. Keep calm and carry on.

5. Get a dishwasher.

6. Be confident.

7. Just be there.

8. Focus on your own kid and not others.

9. Think about yourself and your actions.

10. Just do your best.

11. Think about your partner.

12. Cry when you need to.

13. Don't buy as much as you think you need.

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