Here Is Some Advice Most People Aren't Willing To Tell You

"You're now of age to buy cigarettes. Just don't."

Sometimes it seems like the advice we get is a day late and a dollar short.

In an effort to give you that advice on time, the Reddit user Sippingin asked Reddit "What should every 18-year-old know?" That question sparked some interesting answers, both from Reddit users and A Plus staff. Below you'll find a collection of some of our favorite pieces of advice for all the 18-year-olds out there.


"Not to blindly trust advice you read over the internet."

Thank you, ikorolou. Let's start with this one: Just because you read something here or anywhere else doesn't mean it's the gospel. Always be critical of what you come across on the Internet, and trust your best intuitions first.

"Life isn't your salary or who you impress. Find happiness and success your own way."

This Reddit user has perspective. Whether it's a salary raise you got or a milkshake, find your happiness.

"It may not feel like it, but you're a legal adult now. Act like one when you need to, but remember that you're still a kid when you want to be."

This one is from josephgordonreddit (as are the next three). Like being coddled by your parents but hating being treated like a kid by everyone else? 18 is a perfect age. You can take on new responsibility but use your family as a safety net when you need to. Don't grow up too fast.

"High school will matter less as you get older. It's only natural. You'll find that you grow more in your 4 years in college than you did in high school. You'll probably make even better friends in college too."

It may seem like you're growing old, but the truth is you're probably just getting started. Whether you're gearing up to travel, work or go to college, chances are you're about to be more independent than you were in high school. That independence will breed growth, and in a lot of ways you'll be challenged more and learn more than you've ever have before. Which makes this next part about having fun even more important... 

"If a girl smiles at you, smile back, and say 'Hi, I'm (your name). What's your name?'"

Ok, so josephgordonreddit really has some good advice. But more generally, if anyone of any sex smiles at you and you're interested, don't waste any time. Every opportunity you miss to strike up conversation with someone who looks friendly is a chance you could miss to meet the person of your dreams.


We know, josephgordonreddit has amazing advice. (and a great username). We also know school isn't that fun, and sometimes it may not even see important. But while you're there you might as well give it your all. Good grades and good habits won't ever hurt you, but the opposite can come back and bite you in the rear. 

"A little money goes a long way when you have smart spending habits."

One Reddit user knows how to keep the cash flowing.

"You can't control your situation, but you can control how you react to your situation."

— ikorolou

Like the old adage says, "when there is nothing to do, do nothing."

"Listen to advice from older people, but remember: no one ever has it all figured out. We're all just kids faking our way and building on confidence and experience. Anyone who tries to convince you otherwise is full of crap."

Thank you, BeanieMcChimp

"High school is over. Move on."

"The first girl you fall in love with and you think is the one probably isn't."

— squashedfrog462

And vice versa. Now now, that doesn't mean whoever your 18-year-old self loves ISN'T the one, it just means that if it ends, it's probably not the end of the world (or the last time you date). Keep everything, including your age, in perspective.

"Stay out of courtrooms and hospitals."

— A Plus' own K.S. Anthony

If you're at either place, it's probably not a good thing.

(H/T: Reddit)


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