These Adults Have Actually Never Tried Coffee Before. Watch Them Take Their Very First Sips.

"Maybe people use this to wake up in the morning because it's just like, so bad."

Many of us live our best lives with a cup of coffee in our hands. It can give us more energy, relieve stress, and reduce the risk of diseases such as certain kinds of cancer, stroke, and Type 2 diabetes. Some people like to drink it straight up with no sugar or milk while others go as far as to drink creative concoctions such as rainbow lattes. The list of reasons to love coffee and the variety of ways to drink it seem endless — and yet, some people have never, ever tried coffee before

In a new video for YouTube channel Facts., four adults taste test coffees for the very first time. They're given a few different varieties including an Americano, a macchiato, an espresso, and a mocha.

"It's like licking a battery!" one guy says after trying an Americano. 

"Maybe people use this to wake up in the morning because it's just like, so bad," a woman said after her sips of the stuff. 

All four participants did not enjoy a drop of the Americano, macchiato, or espresso drinks. Their hilarious reactions are enough proof that they won't be ordering these options anytime soon. However, they unanimously felt differently about the mocha. 

You can watch their reactions in the video below: 


If you're wondering how these adults have gone their whole lives without tasting coffee, Lena, who participated in the video, provided some clarity in the comments section. "Despite the fact that I spent the first half of the day after filming this shaking and the second half sleeping, I really enjoyed this! To everyone asking how I've not drank coffee before, my Dad and I are really close and he doesn't drink alcohol or coffee, so I just never really started," she wrote.  

Videos like these are often entertaining to watch, but they also help to encourage people to try something new. If there's something you're curious about trying, let this video serve as motivation to finally do it. Sure, you might hate it just like these people, but at least it'll be a new experience. And who knows, you might just end up discovering something you love!


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