Adults Try To Do Long Division And Yep, It's A Struggle

Where's the calculator?

Remember when your math teacher used to make you race other students to see who could figure out the math problem, by hand, the fastest (or was that just us?)?

Or when you took that "no calculator" exam and it was your worst nightmare of all time?

Well those bad long division memories have resurfaced in a recent video from SourceFed, a site that takes "everything that should and shouldn't matter to you" and explains it through "people who vomit words!" according to their Facebook page.

In the video, each participant is challenged to figure out a long division problem in five minutes or less.


Ready, set, go:

"What is one divided by six?" "You mean six divided by one?" "No, one divided by six."

"16 plus 16 is 32. So that's four times. One more eight in there is 40. One more eight in there that's 48. That's how many we can get in there."

Lost? See how fast you can get it...

Watch the full video below:

For more from SourceFed, visit their website or follow them on Facebook.


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